Here Are The Top Activities I Enjoyed My Visit To St. Louis

St. Louis is a beautiful port city best meant for vibrant neighborhoods featuring varied cultural flavors, places of a tourist attraction for sightseeing activity, beer tasting, music, shopping, and sports. When I talk about St. Louis, this is not all. You can take part in live shows, concerts, sports activities, visit landmarks, museum, dine to your heart’s content on The Hill and savor the taste of ravioli. Ted Drewes is the place where I enjoy signature custard desserts to satiate my taste Buds. The time had finally arrived when I could plan a vacation to St. Louis. It is a wonderful travel destination for all those who want to enjoy every color of life. I was delighted to learn that there are too many activities to do here. I made my research online to find the places to visit and the activities to undertake. I chose a travel company to book my travel package, but firstly I prepared a travel itinerary.

Gateway Arch was the foremost place I included in my travel itinerary. I knew from before that without visiting Gateway Arch; my trip was not complete. The iconic arch was constructed in the year 1963 and honors President Thomas Jefferson. I arrived at the beautiful gateway and took a tram to move to the top. I could see up to 30 miles as the day was clear. The experience here was breathtaking as I was 630 foot above the ground.…

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Cruising the Mississippi River via a paddle boat is an interesting activity. I took up paddle wheel boat to cruise down the mighty Mississippi River and knowing the history of the location in the meanwhile. This leisurely cruise was very enjoyable as we had a guide with us. A dinner on the river! How exciting it was! I took up Sunday brunch cruise and went for it among so many. As there were many options in themed cruises, it was difficult to make a choice.

I heard that Forest Park of St. Louis is larger than the New York’s Central Park. As I was visiting St. Louis in the winter season, I got a chance to try ice-skating at Steinberg Skating Rink. Afternoons were spent in playing tennis, playing golf, bird watching, enjoying the nature walk. I also took up fishing activity as it was a quiet afternoon.

The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum, was another destination with open kitchen renovation adjustments that I wanted to head towards. Interestingly, it is the first interactive museum housed in Victorian Era mansion, and so I was sure my kids would enjoy a lot. As they are fans of Beanstalk and Jack, my kids enjoyed their climbers. They imagined being Jack and loved each moment spent in this children’s museum.

I knew that an afternoon in St. Louis can show great exhibits in the form of endangered species of animals and birds. It houses more than 18000 species of birds and animals. Here I visited exhibits like Interactive Stingray Pool, The Big Cat Country, Puffin Coast and Penguin. City Museum, the home to International Shoe Company, gave me the finest experience.